Board Cloud is backed by Microsoft Azure

Why Azure is the platform of choice for Board International's SaaS implementations

Our technical experts highlighted how Microsoft Azure is the most secure and solid infrastructure.

Pietro Ferrari


To find out more about the benefits of a Board Cloud implementation, including its high levels of security, visit our dedicated Board Cloud page.

00:00:04Narrator: Board International is an independent leading global software vendor founded in 1994. They have co-located headquarters in Chiasso, Switzerland, and Boston. More than 3,000 customers worldwide are using Board today.

00:00:21Pietro: At Board, our vision is to become the number one decision-making platform and be the software of choice for enterprise performance management. Our solution is the result of over 20 years of research and development, always innovating and remaining at the forefront of technology. We have built a very successful product and we have been growing well over 20% year on year.

00:00:41Narrator: Only two years ago, Board was available only on premise. Customers licensed the product, and they were also responsible to deploy and operate the software, usually in their own data centers.

00:00:54Pietro: Traditional deployments used to take several months due to the need to allocate IT resources.

00:00:59Narrator: As customers wanted to become more agile, more and more customers approached Board International with the request to offer Board as a cloud-based service.

00:01:09Pietro: So we evaluated various cloud vendors, including Microsoft. Our technical experts highlighted how Microsoft Azure is the most secure and solid infrastructure. Thanks to Microsoft's great help on the commercial and technical side, and their local presence in Switzerland, we managed to migrate our solution to the cloud, just in a couple of weeks. In the end, it only took us six months from when we decided to go Software as a Service until we had the first customers deployed.

00:01:39Narrator: Due to Microsoft Azure, Board International can now deploy Board Cloud in one of the dozens of Microsoft data centers around the globe within a few minutes.

00:01:47Pietro: Customer go-live cycles have gone down from multiple months to a few days, and customers also profit from having immediate access to the latest version of Board. In the first half-year from launch, 12% of our new customers chose Board Cloud. But in the second year, it jumped to 35%. This has translated into accelerated revenue growth. Last year, our license revenue has grown by 100%.