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Board 14 available now.

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Board 14 represents the latest iteration of the Board Intelligent Planning Platform, designed to take your planning and decision-making to unprecedented levels.

Dynamic Engine
Flex Grid


Our brand-new user interface is not only sleek and modern but also optimized for the ultimate user experience of both end-users and makers. This interface results from extensive research and feedback from users like you, incorporating intuitive navigation and streamlined access to crucial objects, making every planning task a breeze.

For End-users For Makers
Improved performance

Lightning-fast client-side execution, and an intuitive responsive design, ensure every user can enjoy smoother, more efficient, and highly responsive interactions, no matter where they are or what device they use.

For End-users
Front-end updates

End-users can experience game-changing updates tailored to their needs, featuring enhancements like right-click, a new screen design mode, a simplified layout editor, a redesigned selection menu, as well as brand new capsules and presentation browsers.

For Makers For Admin & Ops
Back-end updates

Makers and admins' productivity has been boosted through a complete back-end redesign featuring brand new editors for entities and cubes, data readers, and drill-through, as well as a simpler and more intuitive procedure designer.

Key benefits


Board 14 accelerates interactions with every object and enables users to react to opportunities and challenges faster than ever.


Board 14 increases productivity and efficiency with faster, direct access to the most important information and features.

Ease of use

Board 14 simplifies planning and reporting tasks for end-users and developers, maximizing user adoption and minimizing training needs.

Dynamic Engine

At the heart of Board 14 lies a powerhouse: our new dynamic engine. This cutting-edge technology is set to redefine performance standards and scalability to manage larger data volumes with fewer resources. Whether you're dealing with vast datasets or intricate models, Board 14 ensures that your planning and analysis are faster and more reliable than ever. This means less time waiting for data to load and calculations to happen and more time making strategic decisions that matter.

For Makers For Admin & Ops
Faster procedure runtime

Experience lightning-fast procedure runtimes and instantaneous calculations, enabling smarter decisions with speed that sets you apart.

For Makers For Admin & Ops
Lower memory consumption

Empowers your business to grow and manage increasing volumes of data effortlessly, ensuring seamless scalability without compromising performance.

Flex Grid

Data discovery and analysis capabilities have received a significant overhaul in Board 14. A brand new screen object, named Flex Grid, provides enhanced tools and capabilities for interacting with larger datasets more naturally and intuitively, delivering insights when you need them the most—now. Users can delve deeper into their data, uncover hidden trends, and make informed decisions with a level of detail and speed previously unattainable.

For Makers For Admin & Ops
Self-service analysis and discovery

Equip end-users with powerful self-service capabilities such as pivoting, filtering, sorting, and quick charts, breaking them free of the constraints of prebuilt reporting and reinventing how they interact with data.

For Makers For Admin & Ops
Scalability and performance

Handle large data volumes and multiple dimensions. Enable bottom-up analyses and deep dives that surpass the limitations of traditional tools like Excel. Remove data silos, allowing for a comprehensive display of data across different business functions.