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Financial Analytics Image 1
The screen shows an example of Strategic Goals Analysis Application built with Board

Financial analysis software for modern enterprises

Board provides an intelligent solution able to drive effective and informed decisions through its native suite of analytical tools. Its analytics capabilities enable alignment between financial planning, reporting and operations.

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The screen shows an example of Balance Sheet Analysis Application built with Board
  • Use analytical capabilities within financial plans and financial statements

    Use the power of analytics and data visualization embedded within the platform to go beyond traditional flat financial plans and financial statements. Benefit from multidimensional views along relevant business dimensions (i.e. business unit, market, channel, customer cluster, and product family) and different levels of financial granularity to address specific managerial and statutory (i.e. local GAAP and IFRS) representation needs

  • Connect finance with operations

    Easily connect finance with operations, adopting a driver-based approach which enables you to go analytically from financial variables down to operational key value drivers

  • Quickly generate and monitor KPIs and indicators

    Easily build up complex financial KPIs and indicators through Board’s technical procedures, acknowledging data from multiple sources

  • Automate your reporting pack creation

    Use Board’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Add-In to create books and presentations where charts, tables, and connected textual explanations are automatically updated

  • Drill your data down to the source system

    Board’s drill-through capability allows you to navigate your data down to corporate systems level, such as the transactional systems (i.e. ERP, CRM, SCM) from which it has been generated

  • Disclose your data with ease

    Take advantage of Board’s embedded XBRL and iXBRL technology to disclose your data according to your reporting requirements

  • Become more self-sufficient

    Exploit fully integrated data discovery and analytical capabilities in a code-free environment which is not reliant on IT or data scientists

  • Forecast the future with predictive analytics

    Automatically generate projections of volumes, revenues, operating costs, cash flows, and any kind of key value driver, exploiting the power of predictive analytics within a machine learning environment

  • Exploit data mining insights

    Use native clustering capabilities to segment any kind of financial data set according to the drivers and dimensions of your choice, detecting more relevant value creation patterns

  • Perform in-depth analyses in seconds

    Take advantage of a range of analytical functions, from min/max/average to more business-focused frequency, recency, dormancy, and nascency. Exploit the power of more sophisticated statistical functions for the treatment of time series such as linear regression, multiple linear regression, Holt-Winters, and proprietary algorithms

Financial Analytics Image 3
The screen shows an example of Automatic Reporting Book built with Board
Financial Analytics Image 4

Financial Analysis case study

Groupe SEB has replaced a legacy reporting solution with Board, rapidly increasing the speed and depth of reporting and enabling the finance team to assess how to take the business from one year’s operating result to the next.

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