Human Resources Planning and Analytics

Human resources are your organizations most valuable assets, today and tomorrow. To meet ever increasing business challenges, organizations need to maximize the potential of their workforce, while increasing efficiency. This requires insight into the causes and effects of relationships between people, corporate performance, and operational effectiveness.

Board provides everything your enterprise needs to deliver better insights into human capital performance and to streamline HR processes, from recruitment to retirement.

With Board, you can bring together all your disparate HR data sources, delivering applications that answer your specific business questions in the quickest and easiest way.

With the integrated toolkit approach to BI and CPM, Board allows your organization to link workforce-related expense plans to a company's financial budgeting and forecasting process, all using a single product. Board can empower your HR managers with a total and integrated view of costs and performance and resources across all areas of the organization. With these capabilities, and the flexibility to quickly make changes as your business changes, your managers can make the decisions to improve the processes that have the greatest business impact to drive corporate performance.


  • HR performance management
  • Workforce Planning
  • HR KPIs and dashboards
  • Skills Mapping
  • Employee Costs Monitoring