Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

Combine planning, simulation and analytics to strike the right balance between supply and demand, effectively manage profitability and tightly align financial objectives with plant-floor operations.

BOARD helps manufacturing companies to aggregate operational data from diverse regions, business lines, cost centres, and plants and to link them to financial and business goals - providing a holistic view of company performance from high-level strategic KPIs, down to SKUs. Planning, simulation, forecasting, and analysis processes can be implemented easily and run on this unified data environment, to achieve a better understanding of the impact of operational decisions on working capital, cash, revenue and profitability across multiple levels.


With BOARD you will be able to:

  • Gain full visibility of performance across inventory, supply chain, quality control and fulfilment
  • Manage costs and profitability down to bill of materials
  • Optimize and forecast inventory
  • Effectively align supply chain and production plans with sales and demand forecasts
  • Create P&L projections for products, product lines and sites
  • Implement plant floor KPIs and metrics in alignment with corporate objectives
  • Monitor operations
  • Seamlessly connect Financial Planning with S&OP
  • Reduce complexity and increase flexibility
  • Increase users’ efficiency with self-service analysis