Optimize resources. Control margins.

Discover the planning software that empowers manufacturers to unify operational activities, financial impacts, and strategic objectives. 

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Drive strategic initiatives and financial performance with relevant insights from the business. Conduct in-depth financial analysis and confidently report on financial performance with trusted data and a transparent process.

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reduction in sales analysis time
reduction in IT costs
reduction in planning time
reduction in sales analysis time
reduction in IT costs
reduction in planning time

Manufacturing moves fast. Your team can move faster.

market driven insights
Control your margins

With fluctuating costs and changing buying behaviors, it’s time to take control of your production line and model your plans at the speed of the market. Manage sales forecasts, analyze costs, and leverage predictive analytics and AI to beat the competition. 

seamless collaboration
Optimize capital allocation

Allocate resources efficiently and mitigate risks by simulating the financial impact of various investments considered. With the Board platform, capital consumption can be integrated into your financial plans and modeled across scenarios. 

forecasting excellence
Choose the right timing 

For manufacturers, timing is crucial to control liquidity and generate operational efficiency. Manage inventory and time your production or shipping by automating and integrating your process across the whole supply chain. 

premptive demand forecasting
Reassess assumptions

Annual plans are built on assumptions that often change within a year. Move to a continuous planning model with the Board platform, where drivers and assumptions can be changed in real time, in just a few clicks. 

consistent planning
Enable rapid response

With all data sources integrated in a single platform and teams collaborating, viewing the real-time reality of your business just got easier. See where bottlenecks are and find solutions to problems happening today, not when it’s too late. 

Finance ownership
Increase your visibility

Having complete visibility into the business, operations, and financial impacts is essential for manufacturers operating in complex markets. With Board, you can build a 360° view of your business that gives you confidence in strategic decisions taken. 

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I look at the progress we’ve made and think about all the things we want to do with Board in the future, and I am amazed at the possibilities. People ask me "When will Board be done?" and I always respond that Board will never be done. It will continue to grow and add value.

Solutions that accelerate manufacturing growth.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Sales & Operations Planning

Integrated Business Planning

Capabilities that keep you ahead of the competition. 

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Act with confidence.

See the impact of cash, capital, and P&L across various scenarios. Quickly change assumptions as your business requires. And always be ready to support senior management with insights. 

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Accelerate processes.

Remove manual tasks by automating data collection, calculations, and sequential processes. Gain confidence and reduce the number of days/hours some data elements can be presented. 

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Connect and keep control.

Handle large volumes of data with pre-built connectors for ERPs, business applications, cloud, and big data sources. Organize and prepare data fast and in real time.

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Integrate teams and work.

From operational teams to finance teams, bring them together with collaborative features such as chats, comments, and other easy ways to interact in a single environment where your data resides. 

Don’t just take our word for it.

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Board is recognized as a Facilitator in the Nucleus Research Supply Chain Planning Technology Value Matrix 2023.

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Built for success.

Solutions are built on the Board Enterprise Planning Platform. It delivers:

  • The flexibility to adapt at the pace of market change.
  • The performance of a powerful planning machine that analyzes at scale.
  • The scalability to incorporate new drivers in a user-friendly application. 

Resources to stay ahead.

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