Dynamically align assortment plans to your customers.

Optimize assortments with precision and agility and align your merchandising to meet evolving customer needs. Curate the perfect product and channel mix, respond to trends in real time, and maximize profitability across all touchpoints. Succeed with unprecedented levels of automation and accuracy, ensuring you identify and execute the optimal assortment strategy. 

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Drive strategic initiatives and financial performance with relevant insights from the business. Conduct in-depth financial analysis and confidently report on financial performance with trusted data and a transparent process.

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Assortments, channels, teams – everything aligned to success. 

Transparent reports
Demand-driven assortments

Curate perfect product mixes that resonate with real-time customer preferences, maximizing sales across every channel. 

Faster time to insights
Keep up with your consumers 

Reduce time to market and streamline operations, ensuring the hottest trends hit your shelves first. 

Grow finance partnering
Omnichannel profitability 

Optimize inventory allocation and pricing strategies across all channels for consistent profitability and growth. 

Accurate data
Unified approach to assortment planning 

Break down data silos and unify planning across all departments to align data-driven decisions. 

Drive competitive advantage
Foster collaboration

Empower teams with intuitive tools and real-time insights to promote cross-functional collaboration across the enterprise. 

Finance ownership
Plans and review range with accuracy 

Navigate the new product lifecycle with ease, optimize launch strategies, and drive faster, data-driven introductions for every range. 

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Planning is one of the most difficult capabilities to land successfully. When we were looking for a solution provider, it was clear that Board would be right for us because of its flexibility.

Target every detail with powerful capabilities. 


Take control of your assortment precision. 

Easily define attributes and goals at any level of your merchandise hierarchy. From demand profiles to material composition, tailor your assortments to meet even the most nuanced customer preferences and drive targeted campaigns. 


Flexibly group stores to focus assortment strategies. 

Leverage powerful clustering algorithms to automatically group stores based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria like demographics, buying behavior, and local trends. Optimize inventory allocation, pricing, and promotional efforts with precision by tailoring your approach to each unique store cluster. 


Bring your assortments to life for informed decisions. 

Hold comprehensive assortment catalogs with integrated visual representations, providing a clear and intuitive overview of every range and product. Easily compare options, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions at every stage of the range and assortment process, from initial planning to finalization. 


Create ranges and collections faster than ever. 

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes and embrace a streamlined approach to range and collection creation. Utilize automated workflows, integrated analytics, and intuitive tools to rapidly develop impactful assortments and optimize the entire process. 

Don’t just take our word for it.

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