All the flexibility of the Cloud,
All the power of BOARD

BOARD Cloud is a SaaS version of the BOARD
all-in-one platform,which allows you to analyze, plan, simulate and forecast easier than ever before.


Backed by Microsoft Azure, BOARD Cloud gets your BI and CPM applications up and running faster while providing world-class security, reliability, scalability and performance.
Designed to offer seamless connection to on-premise and cloud data systems in real time, BOARD Cloud allows you to deliver enterprise analytics, planning and forecasting that fully leverages your existing software investments.


Intuitive and easy to use

An intuitive drag and drop UI allows business users to easily build reports and analyses on the fly without any help from IT. A simple control console makes administration a breeze.

Global in minutes

BOARD Cloud can be deployed rapidly and is immediately accessible to users spread across multiple locations.
With 11 data centres on 5 continents to choose from, you can easily find a convenient location from which BOARD Cloud will be hosted, providing the lowest latency and best possible experience for your users, simply and at minimal cost.

Always up to date

With BOARD Cloud there is nothing to install or download, features are always up to date. Get started and relax: the worries of upgrading to new versions, releases immediately become things of the past.


BOARD Cloud is backed by Microsoft Azure, the leading technology platform supporting over one million customers in 190 Countries.


BOARD Cloud gives you the flexibility to adjust technology to fit your business rather than the other way around. You will be able to handle power, capacity and additional users as needed by the evolution of your business and decision-making processes.


With zero infrastructure investments required, you only pay for what you use, making BI and CPM more cost-effective and less risky than ever before.

Take your data security to the next level with BOARD Cloud

Find out how Microsoft Azure keeps your data safer than ever before through measures which are incomparable with on-premise security.

Microsoft's global datacenters control and manage customer data with the experience gained from over two decades of keeping data safe, maintaining privacy and meeting compliance requirements.

Cloud or On-Premise

BOARD makes the delivery model a matter of choice.

On-premise, on-hosting or on-cloud…customers can easily implement BOARD with the same reliability, security and robustness.
With BOARD you can choose the model that best fits your business at the point of roll-out, having the freedom to move to a different model if and when your needs may change.

BOARD Cloud applications

BOARD Cloud offering is enriched by a suite of pre-built applications


BOARD FP&A (Financial Planning and Analysis)

BOARD FP&A is a turnkey application that combines enterprise wide financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting with self-service analysis, reporting, dash-boarding and analytics.

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BOARD FC (Financial Consolidation)

BOARD FC enables companies to perform both legal and management consolidation within a single, integrated Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management environment to gain deep insights into financial and operational results.

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BOARD RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary)

BOARD RFM is a turnkey solution to segment customers by examining how recently they have purchased (recency), how often they purchase (frequency), and how much each customer spends (monetary). The clusters of customers created by BOARD RFM are then immediately available as dimensions for any further analysis, planning, or forecasting process

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