Master inventory decisions with intelligent retail demand planning.

Go beyond simple retail forecasting and uncover hidden demand drivers with AI-powered insights. Gain a holistic view of future sales, ensuring your merchandising, supply chain, and operations are in perfect sync. Optimize inventory, react to trends, and maximize profitability with data-led precision.

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Drive strategic initiatives and financial performance with relevant insights from the business. Conduct in-depth financial analysis and confidently report on financial performance with trusted data and a transparent process.

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Ditch guesswork. Embrace precision.

Transparent reports
Improved forecast accuracy

Eliminate guesswork with accurate forecasting powered by AI. Optimize inventory, anticipate trends, and make confident decisions.

Get results with automation and precision
Optimize sales and inventory

Minimize stockouts and waste while ensuring you have the right products at the right time to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

Leverage powerful AI capabilities
Increase efficiency through automation

Free your team from manual tasks, enhance efficiency, and accurately manage data—shifting focus to strategic initiatives that elevate your business.

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Board is an effective solution that challenged us to view our stock package in novel ways.

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Take control of demand to elevate planning.


Embrace data-driven certainty with powerful forecasting capability.

Drive confident decisions when optimizing assortments, refining pricing, and launching targeted promotions. Unify demand signals across your entire organization for seamless execution and maximized profitability.


Optimize demand planning with informed insights for enhanced forecasting accuracy.

Utilize your data to its full potential with intelligent analysis algorithms that dissect key demand drivers and root causes to reveal hidden patterns, trends, and seasonality. Create winning strategies and forecast with unrivalled accuracy.


Take control of inventory to ensure the right products are in the right place at the right time.

Reduce markdown losses, minimize carrying costs, and elevate customer satisfaction. Say goodbye to stockouts and overstocks with greater control over your products.

artificial intelligence and machine learning

Boost accuracy, unlock automation, and witness the transformative power of next-gen tools.

Go beyond sales history with powerful AI and ML capabilities, incorporating external data points such as social media, weather, and competitors for a more holistic and dynamic picture of demand.

Don’t just take our word for it.


Read this Gartner® Market Guide for Retail Merchandise Financial Planning to learn about vendors that support digital business transformation.

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