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Redefining Retail Decision-Making

The leading solution for Retail Planning & Analytics

Faced with a challenging business environment, retailers are increasingly under pressure to monitor their activities, increase efficiencies, and make the right decisions when it comes to range planning and stock forecasting. With masses of data being generated from supply chain, sales, and store data across the business, choosing the next strategic move isn't easy, but emerging from the constraints of traditional solutions and the limitations of Excel, a unified platform for planning and business analytics in the retail industry changes the game.

After years of retail industry frustration and a plethora of disconnected tools, Board makes it possible to connect, in an end-to-end process, all of the different forecasting, analytics, and retail planning process steps required to make better retail decisions.

Unlike other retail analytics software, Board combines retail business analytics, retail reporting software, and retail forecasting software, enabling retailers to increase the visibility of data from across the business for more-informed decision-making, less wastage, more efficient operational activity, and a more competitive organization.

Flexibility, Performance, and Time to Solution make Board the ‘One-Stop Shop’ platform for any smart and agile retailer who wants to tackle all of its analytics and planning needs in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional solutions.

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Board is the perfect choice for retailers who:

  • Have reached Excel’s limits
  • Are sick of using multiple inflexible planning and analytics systems to achieve unsatisfactory results
  • Are in the middle of a never-ending project in retail planning
  • Need a cutting-edge retail planning and analytics solution to make their jobs easier
  • Are searching for an outstanding cost performance alternative to traditional applications
  • Want to increase collaboration between departments for a more unified approach to achieving business goals

Enabling leading retailers to transform their approach to decision-making