A new path to
Retail Planning & Analytics

Emerging from the constraints of traditional solutions and the limitations of Excel, a unified platform for planning and analytics changes the game.

After years of retail industry frustration and a plethora of disconnected tools, BOARD makes it possible to connect in an end-to-end process all of the different planning, forecasting and analytics steps required to make better retail decisions.

Flexibility, Performance, and Time to Solution make BOARD the ‘One-Stop Shop’ platform for any smart and agile retailer who wants to tackle all of its analytics and planning needs in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional solutions.

Fashion & Luxury

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Specialty & Hardlines

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BOARD is the perfect choice for those who:

  • Have reached Excel’s limits
  • Are sick of using multiple inflexible planning and analytics systems to achieve unsatisfactory results
  • Are in the middle of a never-ending project in retail planning
  • Need a cutting-edge retail planning and analytics solution to make their jobs easier
  • Are searching for an outstanding cost performance alternative to traditional applications
  • Want to have fun while using software