Supply chain

Drive your S&OP by integrating strategy, sales, operations, and finance

Conduct Sales & Operations Planning with ease in a unified and collaborative platform

Balance demand with supply, integrate operational planning with financial planning, and link high-level strategic plans with day-to-day operations to support the achievement of value creation targets.

Example of Sales & Operations Planning Software Screen
The screen shows an example of a Sales & Operations Planning Application Menu built with Board

Achieve speed and accuracy in Sales & Operations Planning activities

Benefit from Sales & Operations Planning software embedded within an Integrated Business Planning approach.

Example of Accuracy mesaurement in Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Software screen
The screen shows an example of how Sales & Operations Planning accuracy can be monitored with Board
  • Drive value creation within an Integrated Business Planning approach

    Deploy projections of sales and operations variables which feed financial planning on a short-mid-long-term horizon with an integrated business planning approach that highlights value creation paths

  • Effectively manage re-planning cycles

    Accomplish re-planning cycles based on changes from the previously agreed sales and operations plans

  • Connect processes across the organization

    Enable the connection of all processes from sales to operations, guaranteeing a coherent and integrated approach across the organization

  • Easily balance demand and supply

    Align sales and demand planning with procurement, production, and inventory planning and solve discrepancies with ease

  • Synchronize sales and demand planning with material planning, allocation, and capacity planning across the supply chain

    Ensure materials are available for production and products are available for delivery to customers, taking into consideration customer demand volatility and constraints conveyed by internal capacity within a consistent planning environment

  • Gain a single version of truth

    Automatically aggregate data coming from all the processes within sales, supply chain, and finance, gaining a complete, single version of the truth

  • Accomplish business efficiency and improvement

    Increase customer satisfaction, improve purchasing cost rationalization, reduce lead times, increase inventory rotation, and prevent plant saturation

  • Benefit from inbuilt BI capabilities

    Generate any type of report, leveraging native business intelligence capabilities within a self-service environment

Sample of Value Creation in Supply Chain Management
The screen shows an example of how Supply Chain Value Creation can be measured with Board
Customer success story: Gigaset Communications

Standardized sales planning closely aligned with the supply chain

Our goals were ambitious, but we achieved them. Finally we have a controlling and planning system that business users look after and enhance independently, quickly, and flexibly without having to bother our colleagues in IT. Displays and calculations that were previously unable to be realized with the SAP tools are now standard for us today with Board.
Gigaset and Board software

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