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When it comes to planning, one size doesn’t fit all. We’d love to discuss your specific challenges and provide a customized quote to suit your needs.

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Transform your financial planning and analysis with faster, more accurate insights, accelerated monthly cycles, event-driven scenario planning, and flexible collaboration.

Supply chain

Make fast, flexible supply chain decisions, optimize inventory positioning, conduct feasible and profitable scenario planning, and collaborate beyond the enterprise.


Combine end-to-end merchandising strategy with consumer-centric insights, omni-channel engagement, and profitable distribution for truly intelligent retail planning.


Achieve optimal sales coverage, focus your team and growth plans, create a predictable revenue forecast, and reduce your sales cycle time.


Attract, develop, and retain top talent, create balanced and diverse teams, optimize your operating model, and build an efficient and productive workforce.

Predictive analytics

Take forecasting to the next level with Board Enterprise Analytics Modeling (BEAM) and make Board-based plans even more intelligent using AI/ML-driven insights.

Board add-ins & integrations

Enhance your Board planning solutions with a range of additional components, including our Office Add-In, SAP connector, parallel engines, and broadcasting package.

Premium Support

A premium support plan can give you the lasting competitive edge (and peace of mind) your enterprise deserves. Find out more about how our expert customer success and support professionals can help you make the most of your Board investment.

Board customers
get 335% ROI

In the new study from Forrester, our customers share how much—and how fast—they benefit from using Board.

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