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Predictive and Advanced Analytics

Make better decisions and constantly plan for what comes next

Embed advanced analytical and predictive capabilities into your company’s processes with the agility necessary to operate at the ultra-rapid pace of today’s business environment. With Board you can make it simple, allowing business users to take the lead without having to depend on the army of experts which are necessary with traditional data-mining and analytics products.

Board BEAM offers a revolutionary solution to effectively incorporate all the power of predictive analytics into daily business operations and the decision-making process, making it easier than ever for anyone to quickly gain powerful business insights and take action.

Turn your history into business prediction

Exploit all the power of Board BEAM’s automated predictive modeling to execute extremely accurate forecasts in a fraction of the time and effort required by traditional analytic solutions. Thanks to its automated modeling approach, Board BEAM can automatically evaluate the characteristics of each time series, consequently producing a suitable model, and can run forecasts thousands of times faster than alternative solutions. The foresight achieved can be refined by adding further information to the scenario to reflect the impact of external variables (covariates) on the forecast.

Run instantaneous cluster and segmentation analysis

Board BEAM predictive analytics software allows users to automatically define clusters of similar objects using the k-means methodology.

Business users choose the number of groups and the observation sets (e.g. profitability and turnover) and Board instantaneously creates k-means clusters and makes them available as dimensions for analysis in the standard planning environment.

The seamless integration between the clustering capability and the Board environment not only enables the immediate creation of reports, graphs, and self-service analyses based on clusters, but also the use of clusters as forecasting or planning units.

Harness the power of Board's Statistical Functions

Board BEAM offers a set of out-of-the-box statistical functions, from the traditional min/max, average, and standard deviation to algorithms specifically designed for business analysis such as frequency, recency, dormancy, and nascency. Seamlessly integrated into the Board platform, business users can instantly use these functions to build any analysis, dashboard, or report.

Board BEAM Overview

Find out more about how Board BEAM seamlessly integrates advanced and predictive analytics with planning, making it easier than ever to plan smarter and transform decision-making to take full control of performance.

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