Master merchandising with superior efficiency and accuracy.

Make smart, customer-centric decisions and optimize product mix, profitability, and operations with the Board Merchandise Financial Planning Solution.

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Drive strategic initiatives and financial performance with relevant insights from the business. Conduct in-depth financial analysis and confidently report on financial performance with trusted data and a transparent process.

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Leverage data. Master decision-making. Transform merchandising.

Transparent reports
Align products with customer demand

Empower merchandise planning with actionable insights into customer behavior, ensuring product assortment resonates with evolving customer trends to increase sales satisfaction.

Faster time to insights
Improve resilience and optimize costs

Anticipate market shifts and optimize inventory levels to drive financial stability and operational efficiency, and ensure you have the right products at the right time.

Grow finance partnering
Drive better strategic and financial decision-making

Gain comprehensive insights into merchandise performance, empowering informed decisions that maximize profitability, define resource allocation, and guide long-term growth.

Accurate data
Achieve omnichannel success

Unify merchandise planning across all channels, from online to in-store, for seamless customer experiences and inventory management across the entire retail ecosystem.

Drive competitive advantage
Forecast with enhanced accuracy

Leverage advanced analytics and predictive modeling to forecast demand with precision and accuracy and reduce stockouts and overstocking.

Finance ownership
Empower collaboration and alignment

Foster collaboration between merchandise, finance, and operations teams to achieve unified financial goals and deliver transformational merchandise planning.

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It’s not easy to satisfy all strategic, financial, merchandise, operations, and sales planning needs with just one software solution. Yet, Board has succeeded.

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Best-in-class features for continuous merchandising success.


Unify decisions from the boardroom to SKU.

Seamlessly scale your merchandise planning from overarching strategic goals to granular SKU-level insights. Our unified platform integrates BI, financials, and forecasting, empowering you to analyze data at the level that matters most.


Turn strategic goals into actionable merchandise plans.

Automate time-consuming manual planning steps and eliminate data silos with automated distribution of strategic targets and financial goals at brand/region/channel level, considering Cost of Goods Sold, markdown, and other key KPIs.


Master the complexities of omnichannel planning.

Streamline your omnichannel planning efforts by bringing together assortment, allocation, Open-to-Buy, and replenishment decisions into a single, unified planning platform to ensure optimal channel profitability.


Work fast, spot trends early, and seize opportunities.

Empower your merchandising teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively by streamlining their workflows and providing them with real-time insights. Identify key trends early and capitalize on market opportunities with greater agility.

Don’t just take our word for it.


Read this Gartner® Market Guide for Retail Merchandise Financial Planning to learn about vendors that support digital business transformation.

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