BOARD Partner Network

Our partners

BOARD and its network of strategic partners share the same mission: improve decision making processes to enhance enterprise business. The strength of our partnerships delivers paramount operational and cost benefits to our customers.

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BOARD meets any business decision-making need across the entire organization, as well as across any industry: let us help you select the right partner.

BOARD partners can help you create your business solutions, increase efficiency and effectiveness, reduce costs and improve your overall satisfaction.

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About our partners

We have a dedicated partner program for each business

Consulting Partners

BOARD product experts who focus on the implementation of BOARD applications, providing customers all the support, advice and training required for successful deployments.

Solution Providers

Organisations that provide customers with end-to-end solutions: software, implementation, support, advice and training.

Referral Partners

Organisations that refer and connect us with potential leads that may benefit from using BOARD.

Technology Partners

Technology vendors that provide core technology or IT services that work in conjunction with BOARD software.
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OEM Partners

Organisations that embed and resell BOARD as part of their existing product portfolio.

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Want to become a BOARD partner?

Our partner program is designed to empower you to achieve outstanding results by effectively implementing the BOARD platform. 
Be part of our extensive and international partner network and 
enjoy a wealth of benefits, including:

Overtake competition with fast and effective prototyping.

Unleash your full ‘land & expand’ potential.

Deliver value to any decision making process, no matter how unique.

Get on the fast track of CPM and Business Analytics.

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