Board LABS

Prepare to turn your innovative planning ideas into performance game-changers.

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An open innovation program for customers and partners.

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Building upon our history of innovation, the exclusive Board LABS program enables direct collaboration between Board and its customers and partners, offering the opportunity to jointly explore emerging technologies and accelerate the development of solutions that address rapidly evolving business needs.

Board LABS offers a range of tools and resources designed to take your organization’s performance to the next level, including modern methodologies, education on innovation topics, and the ability to test new technologies for advanced planning, forecasting, optimization, and other use cases such as ESG.

Work together on innovation projects

Share knowledge and experiences 

Provide feedback on new Board features 

Designed to keep you ahead of the curve.

Innovate to enhance business performance

Leap ahead of your competition

Drive greater value and outcomes

Innovation is not just about developing new products or services. It's also about finding new ways to improve existing processes and optimize performance. By leveraging the latest technologies, businesses can streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

This approach is vital in today’s constantly disrupted market environment, and Board LABS is here to help you intelligently plan and optimize at the speed of disruption. Bring your planning innovations to life, supported by a network of likeminded experts.

Fostering inspirational planning projects.

Planning Analytics

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A large retail customer wanted to take its forecasting capabilities to the next level by incorporating machine learning into its planning process.

The solution needed to accommodate issues such as seasonality and complex product hierarchies, and not be tied to a single machine learning model or vendor.


In collaboration with Board LABS, a solution was created which uses modern AutoML techniques to train, test, and deploy the model best suited to the problem.  

The approach enables the automatic selection of the best performing model from a candidate list of dozens of models for a given set of time series data. 


Board’s low code approach, combined with advanced, scalable AutoML techniques, allows the customer to train, test, and deploy a machine learning model in a short period of time and greatly improve its forecasting accuracy.  

New models may be selected at any time in response to changing business conditions. 

User Analytics & ESG Footprint 

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The Center of Excellence at a large sporting goods customer sought visibility of how its thousands of planning users are using and benefiting from various in-house planning applications.

The team's goal was to prioritize solution enhancements and improve overall support.


Board LABS developed a non-intrusive approach for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing user interaction data to provide the Center of Excellence with the details necessary to make informed solution development decisions. 

The approach was supported by Board's rich auditing and tracing functionality.


Custom dashboards provide the customer with the desired visibility into its user community. 

This same approach, along with open carbon footprint calculators and methodologies, is now being applied outside this project to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of Board’s customer solutions and promote eco-design practices. 

Data Connectivity

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Various customers, looking to better leverage multiple data sources in their planning applications, wanted to learn how Board’s extensive data connectivity capabilities could be used within their environments. 


Board LABS hosted numerous workshops and knowledge sharing sessions on how to leverage modern data access techniques to connect to data located in multiple locations. This included data lakes, ERP systems, and data exposed via virtualization or REST endpoints. 


Board’s customers and partners benefit from the extensive experience of Board LABS and continue to develop planning solutions that meet the ever-growing and rapidly changing needs of their businesses.