Take control with intelligent allocation and replenishment.

Boost your bottom line with every stock decision. The Board Allocation and Replenishment Solution empowers you to hit sales, inventory, and markdown goals every season, every time. 

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Drive strategic initiatives and financial performance with relevant insights from the business. Conduct in-depth financial analysis and confidently report on financial performance with trusted data and a transparent process.

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Reimagine inventory, reimagine retail.

Transparent reports
Optimize your inventory 

Ensure your customers find what they want, when they want it, with precise real-time demand insights that reduce stockouts and improve item availability. 

Get results with automation and precision
Get results with automation and precision

Unify allocation and replenishment decisions across the merchandising life-cycle to maximize sales, inventory, and margins.

Leverage powerful AI capabilities
Leverage powerful AI capabilities

Automate tasks, predict demand with enhanced accuracy, and make every stock decision with data-driven clarity. 

Achieve omnichannel excellence 

Seamlessly orchestrate inventory across stores, online platforms, and fulfillment centers, delivering a unified customer experience. 

Tailored replenishment solutions
Tailored replenishment solutions 

Adapt to demand fluctuations, optimise sales and inventory with ease. Avoid one-size-fits-all replenishment decisions with flexible, configurable replenishment models.

Futureproof your business
Futureproof your business 

Gain crystal-clear insights into evolving demand trends and plan for scenarios with laser accuracy to navigate a tumultuous retail landscape with confidence. 

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Board is an effective solution that challenged us to view our stock package in novel ways.

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Optimize every decision, maximize every opportunity. 


Ditch manual processes and embrace AI workflows. 

Say goodbye to time-consuming spreadsheets and manual calculations. Automatically calculate optimal store/channel allocations and orders based on comprehensive rules, goals, and parameters, including system-generated size curve distributions. Shift focus to strategic decisions and high-value-added activities while your inventory management runs on autopilot. 


Get superior forecast accuracy powered by AI and ML. 

Eliminate guesswork and make data-driven decisions with fully integrated, advanced machine learning algorithms. The powerful forecasting and replenishment models in Board support all allocation and replenishment decisions, ensuring you're always ready for whatever demand throws your way. React to trends before they happen, not after, and keep your customers happy. 

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Empower your team with a user-friendly interface. 

Navigate your inventory with ease thanks to an intuitive and merchandiser-friendly UI. Gain instant access to exception reports, goals, and KPIs, all supported by advanced analytics and collaborative workflows. Seamlessly interact with data, share insights, and make informed decisions together, maximizing team efficiency and satisfaction. 

Don’t just take our word for it.


Read this Gartner® Market Guide for Retail Merchandise Financial Planning to learn about vendors that support digital business transformation.

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