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00:00:00Board makes our lives easier in the finance function, especially when building new forecasts to make sure we have a unified data reporting for everybody and a central repository to build and use our data with a common language.

00:00:13All this data is helping drive the business.

00:00:16I don't have an I.T. background.

00:00:17I'm from hospitality sector, but with Board I can do on the data flows and reporting myself.

00:00:22While before I needed engineers to build the data model.

00:00:26Previously teams would have to pull historical information like sales data themselves, which could take up to sort of ten days.

00:00:34And there would always be accuracy challenges around that data.

00:00:37Now that information is pre-populated, which means our teams are able to focus on the value adding part of the planning process.