Meet the next generation of Intelligent Planning™

Unified Planning, Forecasting, Analysis, and Reporting at Euronics

Driving better decisions and reducing management workload across the entire store network

Electronics giant Euronics Deutschland chose the Board Intelligent Planning Platform to overcome the limitations of legacy systems across its cooperative network of retailers. The result is a significant reduction in managerial accounting workload; increased efficiency across planning, analysis, scenario management, simulation, and reporting activities; and the removal of system discontinuities.

  • Industry: Specialty & Hardlines
  • Department: Finance
  • Locations: 1,498
  • Employees: 11,000
  • Co-Operative Members: 1,361
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00:00:10How are you using Board in your company? We are using Board for multi-year planning, forecasting, analysis, and reporting. We effectively use it as an all-in-one solution.

00:00:23What benefits are you experiencing by using Board? We really benefit from increased efficiency. Due to the integrated data management capabilities, we can plan and analyze across multiple dimensions in a short timeframe. We are also more efficient in our planning and reporting as we are no longer dealing with interface and system discontinuities.

00:00:45What are Board’s greatest strengths? For us, Board’s greatest strengths are the speed of data processing, analyses, and simulations as well as the intuitive, self-service user interface.

We have noticed one thing in particular when using Board. In the past, our employees had certain barriers in using SAP, and conducting the right queries seemed to sometimes be down to luck. In Board, we have an intuitive front-end which enables each employee to see everything related to their area at one glance. This has significantly reduced the workload of the Managerial Accounting team. Queries that we did for employees from other areas in the past can now easily be conducted by themselves.

00:01:45Do you have further plans with Board? We definitely have further plans. In the future, we will use Board for liquidity planning as well as to retrieve market data daily. We will also use it for multi-stage sales planning in order to create an end-to-end process which includes sales-in, sales-out, and end customer data.