Case Study

Belron Spa - Case Study

Board and Carglass

Carglass repair, Carglass replace

Carglass is part of the Belron Group in Italy and specializes in the repair and replacement of car windows. The group has more than 8 million customers worldwide and assists more than 400,000 car users in Italy alone, every year. With over 250 service centers scattered throughout Italy, as well as mobile services, Carglass guarantees manpower and professionalism with their extensive team of technical installers specialized in the repair and replacement of car windows. Carglass is the undisputed world leader in this market.

The group is also an active player in the charitable world, working closely with a non-profit associated in social and humanitarian research and care for children’s disabilities. Following an extraordinary opening day of the Italian Carglass service centers, the group donated the entire proceeds of all repairs made that day to their charitable efforts, and staff generously gave up their Sunday working hours in support of this project.

Crystal clear with Board

For Carglass, the initial desire to choose a Business Intelligence software arose in 2012 when Dr. Garbin, Head of Planning and Control of Carglass, expressed a need to have a platform that could analyze the sales of Origlass, an automotive glass distribution company controlled by Carglass.

"Initially we started with a software selection involving the best software choices currently on the market," says Dr. Garbin. "In the short-list there were still Board and QlikView, but it soon became clear to us that the latter was a pure reporting tool. It did not allow a reworking of the data and we wanted something more that, in perspective, would allow us to do both analysis and simulation. Board immediately satisfied our requirements. It gave us the ability to reprocess data while applying calculations and business rules, data-entry capabilities, easy configuration, and simplicity in the creation of new reports. In addition to all this, it became very simple for Board users to be able to modify institutional reports and save them in their personal area."

Initially, Board was chosen for only the sales department but after seeing the full potential of the software Carglass looked to extend the project and the use of the tool to other key business areas.

"After becoming aware of the right choice of tool," continues Dr. Garbin, "We also chose to implement the sales budget of Origlass, which is currently being tested. At the same time we decided to also start the draft sales budget of Carglass with Board, which we will release shortly.

Given the results obtained in such a short time, the management of Carglass is planning to further extend Board to the logistics and warehouse operations of Origlass.

A project with a perfect fit

The project started with the analysis of Origlass’, the subsidiary, sales data and lasted about 3 months. During this time the Board team worked actively to fine-tune the entire system and to make users immediately autonomous in the use of the tool. The reporting application, fully realized thanks to the consulting and professional support of NPO Business Solutions, allows the viewing of: values of shipment, turnover, cost of sales, and the first margin. As a result, in accordance to the needs of the different professionals who are using Board, different types of reports have now been created.

From the initial date of the platform’s installation to now, improvements have been made in line with the specific needs of the different users at Carglass. The application has proven its potential in customization and ease of use, resulting in end users having greater autonomy in the management and modification of the reports available to them.

A second project has now been implemented on the sales budget for both the parent company Carglass and the subsidiary Origlass. This project is led by the need to develop a budget application, across both companies, that moves away from legacy processes managed through Excel spreadsheets, and the limited functionality and data homogeneity associated with them. Having already successfully utilized Board, gaining good knowledge of the product in a relatively short amount of time, management at Carglass and Origlass made the decision to undertake this new budget project and crate an application that could be shared by several users at the same time. In addition, thanks to the potential of Board and its simplicity of development and implementation, it has been possible to obtain a higher level of detail across the budget in a fast and automated way. For example, the native ‘Split&Splat’ function of Board allows the total values charged at macro level to be distributed in full detail, either proportionally or according to allocation drivers.