On-demand Webinar

From Strategy to Reality: The Role of the CFO in ESG Transformation


How important is it for CFOs to account for non-financial factors within their business in 2022? As the world places greater emphasis on sustainability and social well-being in business practices, these outcomes are now being interlocked with traditional financial metrics.

Social and ecological misconduct in our day-to-day business can lead to dissatisfaction among stakeholders. This dissatisfaction can have drastic non-financial, along with financial consequences, for organisations. On top of this, regulatory requirements are increasing, forcing companies to report with increasing transparency on ESG issues.

In this interactive panel discussion, we deep-dive into the increasing role ESG is playing in financial reporting, as well as look at some of the digital transformations your business can make to remain ahead of the issues:

Key topics discussed include: 

  • A look at how transformative CFO’s can integrate their ESG strategy into their organisations wider operating plans.
  • Building the right ESG framework: what are some of the key considerations?
  • Shifting the reporting mindset: a look at extended planning and analysis (xP&A), breaking down the traditional reporting silos to support faster-moving businesses.
  • A look at how digital transformation is enabling these changes within finance.