On-demand Webinar

Financial Merchandise Planning for retailers made easy

Enhance efficiency, quality, and accuracy by synchronizing financial, strategic, and planning processes, enabling better stakeholder collaboration, and optimizing product mix across channels, regions, and stores to maximize profits and minimize markdowns.


Inbetween Demand & Supply Chain Planning, Merchandise Planning is one of the Key pillars for every Retailers accross the Globe. Managed properly and efficiently, it will increase the consumer experience by aligning all vital departments together. Data visualisation will be the center of the Intelligent Planning approach to optimize your Merchandise Planning. Technology is already on its way to transform the Retail sector by enhancing efficiency, quality and accuracy. 

In this webinar you will learn how technology can help Retailers: 

  • to synchronize their Financial, Strategic and Planning processes in one solution
  • to enable better stakeholder collaboration across several departments
  • to optimize product mix across channels, regions and stores
  • to maximize profit and minimize markdowns

Board Intelligent Planning Solutions help over 2,000 organizations worldwide plan smarter, enable actionable insights, and achieve better outcomes. Industry leaders trust Board to unify strategy, finance, and operations through more integrated and intelligent planning, so they can take full control of performance. Partnering with Board, global companies such as H&M, BASF, Burberry, Toyota, Coca-Cola, KPMG, and HSBC have transformed their planning processes to build a competitive edge. Board International is recognized by leading analysts including BARC, Gartner, and IDC.