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KPMG: The Future of Rolling Forecasting

Experience the new era of agile and accurate planning


Companies today do not operate on a neat 12-month calendar, so why would their forecasting? Traditional budgeting and planning processes rarely add value and often lack forward-looking capability. So, what if we transform how rolling forecasts run to infuse more agility and proactiveness into the activity?

Partnering with KPMG, we'll explore the benefits of a rolling forecasting solution. Join us to discover:

  • How companies are refocusing budgeting activities to modern, solution-empowered approaches
  • A rolling forecasting demo from Board
  • How to foster a culture of business partnering.


  • KPMG: The Future of Rolling Forecasting Image 1
    Laure de Saint Germain
    Global Marketing Director for Finance Solutions - Board
  • KPMG: The Future of Rolling Forecasting Image 2
    Gilles Van Impe - Manager CFO Advisory - KPMG
    Manager CFO Advisory - KPMG