On-demand Webinar

Microsoft & Board: The new budgeting and planning frontier


The days of traditional budgeting and planning are numbered. Striving to be more competitive, organizations at the forefront of change are abandoning siloed, scheduled planning activities in favour of an integrated, always-on approach, marking a step change in the way they plan, budget, and forecast.


In this recorded webinar, experts from Microsoft and Board will explain how next generation decision-making platforms are driving digital transformation and enabling organizations to make faster, more accurate, more effective decisions.


Watch this video to learn how to:

  • Transform budgeting, planning, and forecasting
  • Gain greater visibility by seamlessly integrating analytics and planning
  • Free up staff to focus on strategic activities by automating processes
  • Make more informed decisions using predictive technologies
  • Facilitate a more collaborative decision-making process
  • Leverage the Cloud to drive planning scalability and performance

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    Bastian Gruber - Azure Specialist at Microsoft

    Bastian is supporting organizations to tap into the power of cloud technologies and digitally transform their businesses. He has been working for several years within the Microsoft Azure team and he holds a Master’s Degree in International Management and a Micro Master’s Degree in Cloud Computing.

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    John Leahy - Solutions Architect at Board

    John is an expert in Financial and Operational Performance Management and Analytics with over 25 years experience in: designing and implementing financial software solutions, product management, solution architecture, knowledge management, sales, education, and support.