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6 Key Takeaways - Integrated Business Planning for Mining

We held a webinar earlier this year with KPMG and Dundee Precious Metals (DPM) – a Canadian-based, international gold mining innovator. The webinar explored Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and the mining industry software solutions that are helping companies to utilise the right digital technologies to accelerate and optimise their corporate decision-making.​  

Drawing on a wealth of information from KPMG’s annual survey of global mining executives and other research, Heather and Erik confirmed that respondents view technological disruption as more of an opportunity than a threat.  One key point that stood out was how IBP systems can help streamline functions and create back-office efficiencies.

Alongside these research-backed insights, the webinar explored a very real example of how Dundee Precious Metals (TSX: DPM), a true mining innovator, is transforming their business and operations, led by the Office of Finance.   

Six takeaways for IBP in mining: 

Below are six mining industry software solution takeaways identified from the webinar and DPM’s implementation of an integrated operational and financial planning solution using Board.  


#1 Align the vision of the Office of Finance with corporate purpose, strategy, and values  

#2 Define benefits and outcomes to track and measure success  

#3 A Business Planning System (BPS) needs to address multiple time horizons  

#4 Communication is key   

#5 Keep in mind the success factors for choosing the right software platform and design  

#6 Implementation success rides on having a strong partner  


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