On-demand Webinar

Integrated Business Planning for Mining: Data, Analytics & Digital Planning Trends in Mining Companies

On-demand webinar in partnership with Dundee Precious Metals and KPMG


Forward looking Mining operators have invested in significantly improving their Business Planning and Analysis functions across their diversified operations. An Integrated Business Planning Platform integrates planning across multiple time horizons, setting targets driven by strategy at an activity level, bridging mining operations and finance together.  

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how mining companies are using digital technologies and specifically how one Canadian mining innovator is taking a holistic approach to transforming their Business Planning and Analysis to allow more reliable forecasting processes, unifying data from multiple sources and visualizing this information with interactive reports and dashboards to optimize planning, performance monitoring and decision making. 

Key Learning Objectives

  • How digital technologies are being used by mining companies today​ 
  • How to increase collaboration between Finance, Operations, and IT to achieve great results​ 
  • How Finance, Operations, and IT achieve complete improved visibility of performance through data collection and processing ​ 
  • How improved operating processes and procedures lead to better planning, performance monitoring and decision making ​​