On-demand Webinar

How to Close the Sales Performance Gap

Exclusive Research Findings Webinar


Sales teams are under more pressure than ever to hit targets and drive revenue for their organization. However, many sales teams still don't have the right technology foundation in place to ensure success.

In this webinar we will share the results of a new survey that explored whether sales teams are using technology to their full advantage to improve sales performance. We asked 156 sales leaders about quota attainment, how they plan and analyze sales activities, barriers to sales success, and how they measure sales performance.

During this webinar will share the key survey findings and discuss strategies including:

•    The biggest barriers to your sales team reaching quota
•    Why 81% of sales leaders don't fully trust their sales data
•    How sales teams can best use technology to drive measurable sales performance improvements
•    How to measure the actions and behaviors of top performing sales reps
•    And more!