Unified Planning and Analytics for Specialty & Hardlines Retailers

Drive efficiency from supplier to shop floor by taking a centralized approach to decision-making

Store saturation and access to products through the internet has changed the specialty and hardlines retail sector. Consumers’ buying patterns have shifted, exposing the limits of assortment, pricing, and other strategies. For many hardline and specialty retailers, getting the right combination of products, price, and promotions is more difficult than ever.

As an all-in-one solution, Board’s integrated approach to planning, business intelligence, and forecasting helps specialty and hardlines retailers to overcome this challenge and effectively manage their decision-making process - from merchandise planning to customer segmentation, sales analysis and forecasting to inventory optimization, and store, line, and brand profitability to supplier performance management.

Board enables specialty and hardlines retailers to:

  • Move their planning process from reactive to proactive
  • Anticipate market trends when planning
  • Analyze customer segments
  • Minimize stock-outs and over-stock
  • Link financial objectives to operations
  • Easily define and implement workflows across the whole organization
  • Align the sales, marketing, production, and logistics departments
  • Create visibility across analysis, simulation, and planning activities