Retail Merchandise Planning with Board

Transform your merchandise planning approach with the Intelligent Planning Platform

In today’s ferociously competitive market, many retailers are aware of the need to digitally transform their planning activities in order to compete effectively. Spreadsheet-based processes do not provide the data accuracy, depth, or clarity needed to effectively analyze, forecast, and plan, yet they are so entrenched in the day-to-day operations that retailers often find it challenging to replace them. On top of this, packaged Merchandise Planning solutions rarely provide a direct fit to a customer’s business planning process, leading to compromise and unsatisfactory results.

Helping retailers to overcome these challenges, Board's Intelligent Planning Platform enables the creation of a planning solution that can easily be tailored to existing business processes, meeting the retailer’s needs without any compromise.

Download this document for an end-to-end overview of the capabilities of Board in relation to the Merchandise Planning process, including:

  • Like-for-like, company, departmental, and line-level forecasting
  • Weekly Stock, Sales, and Intake (WSSI)
  • Allocation and replenishment
  • Assortment range planning