Streamlined statutory reporting

Simplify the process of releasing and disclosing statutory financial reports and producing management reports with disclosure management software.

Board automation capabilities enable increased speed, accuracy, and traceability across the entire financial reporting and analysis process, while workflow processes provide complete internal control over financial reporting.

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Supercharge your statutory reporting processes

Remove the laborious, manual activities associated with reporting and disclosure, replacing them with a reliable, accurate, automated approach.

  • Drive accuracy and consistency across all reporting

    Create a single, trusted version of your data to be used in all managerial, statutory, and disclosure reporting

  • Easily adhere to different reporting standards

    Represent and model your data in accordance with various local and international standards, such as GaaP, IFRS, XBRL, and iXBRL

  • Quickly explore data from multiple perspectives

    An inherent link between reports and the underlying data makes it easy to drill down from financial statements to operational or transactional data held in source systems, enabling you to easily explore results by dimensions such as Geographies, Products, Customers, or Channels

  • Deliver self-service freedom while retaining control

    Self-service capabilities empower end users to analyze, simulate, and plan to suit their own needs, in a secure, access-controlled environment which uses data that has been validated by the business

  • Produce accurate reporting books and presentations in seconds

    Full integration with Office 365 enables you to produce management reporting booklets or presentations in your corporate branded templates at the click of a button, and update them in a flash

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Reshape your managerial reporting

Ensure presentation and storytelling needs are met, exploiting native data discovery and visualization capabilities to support report production.

  • Multiple stakeholders

    Create management reporting for the board, senior management, and middle management which is automatically updated on a regular basis

  • Integrated approach

    Stretch management reporting scope thanks to full integration with operational systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM, WMS, and TMS

  • In-depth reporting

    Exploit native BI capabilities which enable drill down, drill through, and drill anywhere to the lowest level of detail

  • Customization capabilities

    Tailor and re-tailor management reporting in a code-free environment without support of the internal IT function

  • Effective storytelling

    Exploit full integration with the MS Office suite for presentation and storytelling purposes

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Drive accuracy and automation in disclosure management. Create a single point of access for statutory financial reporting activities, ensuring complete accuracy and making comprehensive data analysis easy.

Driving overall finance efficiency

The unification of analysis, reporting, performance management, and predictive analytics with Board has increased efficiencies in Volkswagen Mexico’s finance department from 57% to 91%.

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Statutory Reporting, Disclosure Management, and Management Reporting

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