Profitability Analysis, Performance Management, and Analytics with Board

Gain complete visibility of profitability and performance by extracting all the insights contained in your data, and foster your decision-making through simulation and predictive analytics capabilities

In today’s fast-paced business environment, finance teams are under pressure to support business decisions by providing insights in increasingly short timeframes, which can be extremely difficult when faced with data silos, outdated solutions, and manual processes.

To combat this, businesses are seeking a more unified approach, utilizing profitability analysis software, corporate performance management, and analytics to enable decisions to be made faster using a solid foundation of data to drive accuracy and success. Board’s all-in-one Decision-Making Platform provides finance professionals with the solution, offering the complete range of tools needed to drive quick, effective decisions and maximize competitiveness.

Board for Profitability Analysis

Gain complete visibility of your profitability at all levels of business activity and allocate costs and earnings with ease.

Profitability measures

Create higher quality insights by implementing accurate, consistent profitability measures along relevant business variables such as market, product family, customer type, and channel, at various levels of hierarchy, removing reliance on assumptions and personal interpretation

Top line allocation

Acknowledge complex and sophisticated criteria, allowing for proper allocation of revenues, gross margin, and variable direct costs to single items or transactions

Cost allocation

Use different methodologies to fully allocate operating costs, such as Cost Centers and an Activity-Based Costing approach, to understand what really drives your operating profitability

Board for Profitability Analysis

Board for Performance Management

Produce comprehensive performance analysis on historical figures and simulate the effect of internal, macro, or microenvironmental changes on your future results.

Gap analysis

Conduct gap analyses between current data and past data or between actual and target data contained in your long-term planning, budget, revised budget, or short-term forecast

Multi-dimensional view

Examine gaps in business variables such as market, product family, customer type, and channel, understanding where performance is achieved

Performance transparency

Dissect your performance in terms of volume, price, and mix effects to understand what drives your results

Like-for-like comparison

Make your storytelling consistent, adjusting performance results through like-for-like modeling


Create multiple What-If scenarios to simulate the effect of key value driver changes on your financial results

Board for Financial Analytics

Take advantage of data forecasting within a machine learning environment, clustering algorithms, and a range of mathematical and statistical functions to extract relevant insights from your data set.

  • Predictive analytics

    Foster your data forecasting capabilities with predictive analytics capabilities, using dedicated algorithms for smooth, discontinued, or intermittent time series

  • Smooth time series

    Generate consistent predictions, starting from a smooth time series through to a machine learning approach which detects the optimal model via competition among different models within the ARIMA family

  • Other series

    Exploit the potential of the zero-predictor approach and Croston-SBA algorithms respectively for discontinued and intermittent time series

  • Data clustering

    Exploit data mining insights, applying clustering algorithms to your data set

  • Statistical functions

    Take advantage of a range of mathematical and statistical functions, from the standard min/max/average to more business-focused frequency, recency, dormancy, and nascency

Board for Financial Analytics

Customer story - ZF


Beginning with the transformation of reporting and analytics processes across the business to create a worldwide Management Information System, Board has since been extended to manage all strategic and operational processes at ZF. The business now has a single solution for global planning and analysis across 230 offices and 40 countries.

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