Make light work of disclosure management

Easily disclose and report your financial data through a single, integrated process

Disclosure Management Image 1
The screen shows an example ofDisclosure Management Application built with Board

All-in-one Disclosure Management and Regulatory Reporting software

As regulators become increasingly stringent and new disclosure formats create complexity for finance teams, keeping up with the pace of change can be a time-consuming task. Overcome the challenges of disclosure management and regulatory reporting with the Board decision-making platform, which unifies data to create a single point of truth from which to report and disclose with ease.

Drive accuracy and automation in disclosure management

Create a single point of access for statutory financial reporting activities, ensuring complete accuracy and making comprehensive data analysis easy.

  • Report and disclose financial statements with ease

    Automatically release statutory full, standalone, and consolidated financial statements including profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow tables, and notes to annual accounts

  • Utilize different financial schemes

    Exploit the possibility to use different statutory full financial statement schemes with varying levels of granularity. Move quickly from statutory and consolidated financial statements to the non-financial information that must be presented (i.e. CO2 Emissions and Corporate Social Responsibility data)

  • Drive compliance

    Ensure compliance with your internal control system, guaranteeing segregation of duties, tracking and auditing of internal processes, and accomplishment of validation cycles

  • Automate disclosure management

    Automatically support disclosure management in terms of regulatory reporting (i.e. 10K, 10Q, and 20F) and standard communication protocols (i.e. XBRL)

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Disclosure Management Image 3
The screen shows an example of XBRL and iXBRL Application built with Board
  • Get up-and-running, fast

    Quickly retrieve data from internal and external sources and effectively present & disclose it with ease

  • Manage the disclosure process in a fully controlled environment

    Define your own workflow, designing controls and assigning tasks to guarantee a fully controlled environment and reliable output

  • Automatically generate and update presentations and reports

    Ensure the accuracy and validity of the data contained in each document you present, with the Board Office Add-in which automatically generates and updates presentations and reports with the latest information

  • Disclose financial and non-financial data within the same workflow

    Take advantage of a multi-dimensional database to present financial and non-financial data within a unique, integrated process

  • XBRL and iXBRL

    Comply with regulators’ filing requirements using built-in technology that enables business users to execute mapping, anchoring, and extension of taxonomies in a fully integrated disclosure management process