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Boardは、分析、計画、シミュレーションを単一のプラットフォームで完結し、意思決定プロセスを強化するために必要な総合的なソリューションです。 企業、統合されたデータに導き出された結果に基づいて変化する条件にビジネス戦略を適応させることができます

  • シナリオ管理機能
  • プロジェクトフォーキャスティング
  • 財務連結

Board のパートナーであるAccentureとのコラボレーションウェビナー(オンデマンド)を是非ご覧ください

  • 臨床、運営、財務面での卓越性の達成
  • サプライヤと顧客の連携強化
  • その他



  • AccentureとBoardによる「進化のステップ:製薬業界におけるシナリオモデリングの力」 Image 1
    Patrick Picha / Managing Director, Capability Network at Accenture

    Patrick is a Managing Director in Accenture’s Strategy & Consulting CFO & Enterprise Value practice with more than 30 years of experience.  He has a background in finance and accounting, and has led Accenture’s Finance & Performance Analytics practice since 2014. 

  • AccentureとBoardによる「進化のステップ:製薬業界におけるシナリオモデリングの力」 Image 2
    Joseph Zaki / Principal EPM Director at Accenture

    Joseph Zaki is a Principal Director at Accenture who focuses on designing, developing, and deploying highly complex finance transformations for leading multinationals. He specializes in process re-engineering within finance. Prior to consulting at Accenture, Joseph held senior positions in Finance and IT departments at several North American organizations.

  • AccentureとBoardによる「進化のステップ:製薬業界におけるシナリオモデリングの力」 Image 3
    Deawaika Dolo / Senior Manager, Capability Network at Accenture

    Deawaika Dolo is a Senior Manager with Accenture Capability Network. He has an MBA and a PMP certification with many years of experience in Finance Transformation and system implementations. His experience includes process improvement, Reporting, Data and Master Data integration, FP&A and Consolidation.

    As a corporate stakeholder, he oversaw internal systems implementations and worked directly with CFO, Controller, and IT to facilitate Planning and month-end activities.

    As a Management Consultant, he has served over 16 Fortune clients in the capacity of a Project Manager, Functional and Technical Lead for EPM and ERP systems implementation.

  • AccentureとBoardによる「進化のステップ:製薬業界におけるシナリオモデリングの力」 Image 4
    Ty Jessup / Pre-Sales Consultant at Board International

    Ty is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of combined experience in several roles across multiple industries using Corporate Performance Management Solutions. Ty has had the perspective of both a user of CPM solutions as an Administrator, and also as a Consultant, designing and implementing solutions in various industries.

  • AccentureとBoardによる「進化のステップ:製薬業界におけるシナリオモデリングの力」 Image 5
    Ed Gromann / Vice President Channel, Alliances and Analyst Relations at Board International

    Ed Gromann is the Vice-President of Alliances, Channel and Analyst Relations.  His focus is developing strategic partnerships and alliances with key organizations, finding new channels to market, and building relationships with industry analysts.  Prior to joining Board, Ed has held Senior Executive positions at Jedox, Tableau, IBM, Cognos and Applix.