Streamline performance management

Drive peoples’ performance, align personal and organizational goals, and develop talent with the Enterprise Planning Platform

The HR performance management process is focused on the assessment of employees’ individual performance against pre-defined criteria and objectives. Alignment between company expectations and employee behavior, promoted by the practice of performance management, is crucial in improving overall productivity at a corporate level.

The Board Enterprise Planning Platform supports the entire performance management process in a workflow-driven environment which efficiently connects all involved stakeholders, ensuring human resources are fully aligned with the needs of the organization.

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Sample of a HR Performance Management Application Home screen built with Board

Transform your approach to workforce management

Realize numerous improvements to performance business-wide with a HR performance management solution based on automation and transparency:

Greater facilitation of communication

Enhancement of employee focus

More effective goal setting

Performance improvement

More informed decisions around incentives and compensation

Accurate determination of training needs

Better support for career path development decisions (such as promotion, job rotation, and termination)

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Sample of a HR Performance Management Application Review screen built with Board
  • Effortlessly apply different evaluation methodologies

    Adopt different HR performance management approaches, such as objective production or judgmental evaluation, and exploit Board’s inbuilt data and business modeling capabilities to easily put in place monitoring tools such as graphical rating scales, employee comparisons, or behavioral checklists

  • Inspect employee performance from multiple perspectives

    Examine performance across the organization, with support for top-down, bottom-up, peer, self, and 360-degree assessment methodologies

  • Easily keep track of progress against objectives

    Undertake gap analyses between employees’ results and previously defined goals, and dissect performance for individual employees, spotting strengths and weaknesses to help produce a preliminary improvement path. Analyze HR performance from a corporate perspective, identifying clusters of employees who are meeting, not meeting, or exceeding expectations

  • Drive collaboration amongst teams

    Connect all stakeholders involved in the HR performance management process, taking advantage of workflow capabilities which include the definition of triggered events, approval cycles, and data auditing & validation

  • Integrate performance management with other HR activities

    Foster the fertilization of performance insights into other HR processes such as training, incentives & compensation, promotions, and job rotations, exploiting Board’s ability to integrate with all corporate systems (i.e. HCM and legacy software)

Guided Workforce Performance Management

Thanks to Board, we are equipped with a screen that includes various dashboards displaying around a dozen indicators, which are designed to monitor and guide the objectives of the individual directors and the operational units.
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