Sales success does not happen by chance: Expert Q&A on SPM

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Are you prioritizing sales execution at the expense of effective sales planning?

Discover why successful sales organizations understand the crucial role of comprehensive sales performance management (SPM). Access this exclusive Ventana Research Q&A guide, sponsored by Board, and dive deep into the strategies and best practices that will grow your bottom line.

Download to uncover the latest on:

  • Driving success through well-constructed planning: Optimize territories, achieve quotas, and align behavior with revenue goals.
  • Aligning performance with evolving buyer needs: Adapt to changing expectations, embrace omnichannel selling, and leverage new pricing models.
  • Leveraging AI and analytics for optimization: Understand the role of AI, accurate data integration, and advanced analytics.
  • Measuring impact with key metrics: Track deal size, sales cycles, revenue projections, and team retention.
  • Embracing the continuous journey of sales planning: Adapt to market conditions, staff changes, and data-driven insights.

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