Enabling digital, driver-based planning from production to delivery at Coca-Cola European Partners

Supply Chain Finance Transformation

Yes, consolidation can happen with one button, yes, it can happen for 48 manufacturing plants and for 85 warehouses.

Ivan Evstatiev
Senior Manager Planning & Performance Management

00:00:09This is going to be a true story. A true story of a business case of complex corporate finance made simple.

00:00:18First of all, we're the biggest, and largest Coca-Cola bottling company in the world based on revenue. We operate - and are leaders in - one of the biggest FMCG sectors. It's the soft drink professional sector with a net worth of over 100 billion. On an annual basis we sell approximately 14.2 billion liters of our famous brands. So we have a customer base that is reaching the 300 million benchmark. We operate in 13 countries, solely in Western Europe. We have 25,000 employees across our territories.

00:01:01We were looking after Supply Chain Finance Transformation which goes into three integral points. One being a leaner finance function, the second one automated planning, and the third one being optimized reporting. So we wanted to move away from the ever haunting Excel models, Access databases, and engage in new-age tools and systems that can bring us forward. We perform fully-fledged country consolidation and also total Coca-Cola European Partners supply chain consolidation.

00:01:45What do we cover by that? I mean, it's pretty much the whole myriad of activities that supply chain has today. For us, from our CCEP perspective, it means 48 plants, 85 warehouses, everything that you can imagine around logistics and distribution, from freight to branch local delivery, division delivery, CWPs and so on.

00:02:10We were coming from a culture of overnight loads of data of overnight data transfers. Today, we have every 15 minutes, a data transfer from our ERP system to the cloud, from the cloud to the tool. So compared to the 24 hour cycle, 15 minutes is definitely a huge revolution. That little red button that says 'Approval All', we call it the mother of all buttons, just because it allows us to consolidate in a split second.

00:02:51Yes, consolidation can happen with one button, yes, it can happen for 48 manufacturing plants and for 85 warehouses. In the beginning... Actually, last year if, somebody told me that's possible. I would be very, very skeptical, but I can guarantee you that is the mother of all buttons, and it works.