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Maximize project efficiency and gain complete transparency of performance

Achieve end-to-end control of your professional services activities with an Intelligent Planning Platform that links strategy, finance, and operations.

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A typical Board Digital Boardroom Solution homepage, enabling Professional Services & Consulting Firms to organize all their Business Intelligence assets as a Control Tower across Finance, Sales, and Operations.

Lengthy sales cycles and complex projects involving multiple resources make it tricky for professional services and consultancy firm leaders to gain full visibility and control of performance. Overcome this challenge with Board, which helps you effectively balance capacity, pricing, and overheads to maximize the profitability of your projects and gain complete transparency of activities to efficiently allocate your resources.


  • Performance KPIs
  • Full project costs
  • Project pipeline


  • Financial and Operational scenarios
  • What-if analysis


  • Financial planning
  • Project budgeting
  • Staff utilization


  • Demand forecasting
  • Sales trends
  • Staff turnover

Improve your sales performance

Drive project wins by unifying data from across the business to provide greater transparency, consistency, and flexibility in the Sales Performance Management process.

  • Gain full visibility of sales performance

    Keep track of KPIs at every stage of the opportunity, from lead generation to final close, using advanced analytical dashboards and enhanced data navigation capabilities.

  • Enhance sales planning and forecasting activities

    Quickly create budgets, quota and territory plans, and forecasts, linked with strategic business goals, using an accurate historical baseline.

  • Better understand your customers through CRM Integration

    Build a detailed picture of your prospects to help you target them more effectively with easy, real-time access to data managed by cloud services such as Salesforce.

  • Keep control of the sales process

    Enforce coordination in the sales structure through a workflow-based approach and keep a close eye on the cost of sales.

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The homepage of the Sales Performance Management Solution for Professional Services & Consulting Firms. This application covers the entire Sales process, from CRM insights to the analysis of pipeline, booking, and orders, including management of the Sales

Gain complete control of your resources

Carefully assess the skills, costs, and utilization of your people within an Intelligent Planning Platform that provides complete transparency across all departments.

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A typical BI screen applied to Resource Management for Professional Services & Consulting Firms.
  • Enhance talent & skill management

    Track and monitor competences for every professional through interactive dashboards and analyses.

  • Understand the true cost of your resources

    Accurately monitor salaries, compensation, and incentives and allocate them to individual projects for the final P&L.

  • Effectively monitor, predict, and reduce staff churn

    Identify new starter, leaver, and total headcount trends through a predictive model based on accurate historical data and attract & retain talent through salary and compensation models.

  • Simplify the HR budgeting process

    Produce accurate HR budgets in line with strategic business requirements and maximize your Pyramid Staffing Model by identifying the best ratio of senior, mid-level, and junior resources, taking into account hiring, reskilling, or recruitment agency fees alongside project needs.

Maximize project efficiency

Ensure a solid supply chain management process is in place to carefully match team and profile demand requirements with resource availability.

  • Accurately forecast demand

    Combine opportunity, pipeline, and deal data with predictive forecasting to define “unnamed” demand which is not yet linked to an opportunity.

  • Utilize your resources more effectively

    Accurately match skills to project requirements through task assignment evaluation. Easily evaluate team size and project assignments, minimize surpluses or shortages in labor, and avoid resource bottlenecks, through predictive analytics and simulation capabilities.

  • Gain full transparency of every project’s status

    Efficiently evaluate operational progress in real time, with full visibility of gross margin during estimation, resourcing, and project delivery.

  • Accurately identify hiring requirements

    Provide team leaders with visibility into resource requirements and improve decisions through a hiring plan based on real-time business inputs, time-to-hire metrics, and a link with financial planning.

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A typical analysis screen for resource utilization along the duration of a project, according to the different categories of professional families involved.

Drive profitability across every activity

Gain complete control of your finances at every stage of the project to ensure profitability remains in focus at all times.

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An example of the Financial Value Creation analysis that it is possible to perform within the Board Integrated Business Planning solution for Professional Services & Consulting Firms.
  • Improve revenue budgeting and pipeline/forecast evolution

    Through a confirmed Billable Plan, Pipeline Revenue Plan, Revenue Target setting, and Full-Time-Equivalent (FTE) Review & Overlay.

  • Understand the true cost of activities

    Compare actuals and outstanding commitments to your original and current budgets through detailed cost analysis.

  • Increase the granularity of budgets

    Set budgets with consideration of rate cards, travel costs, and exchange rates.

  • Improve HR cost budgeting

    Through Non-Billable Resource Planning, Salary & Compensation Planning, and Promotion & Pyramid Planning.

Digital finance transformation

We needed a planning system which integrates all planning processes. We needed a future-oriented planning system. We needed Board.
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