On-demand Webinar

Take control of events and promotions with scenario planning

Discover the secrets to mastering unpredictable demand planning cycles in an ever-changing business landscape.


Watch our webinar with forecasting and planning specialists EyeOn, where we’ll equip you with the knowledge and strategies to tackle the challenges of volatile demand, uncertain supply, diverse portfolios, and growing pressure on prices and margins.

Forecasting and planning experts will guide you in taking control of your demand planning cycle and its underlying dynamics through Intelligent Supply Chain Planning. You’ll leave the webinar armed with:

  1. vital techniques to balance demand and supply
  2. elevated demand planning processes
  3. greater control in making profitable supply chain decisions.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights and enhance your business strategy.


Board Intelligent Supply Chain Planning

Board introduces an Intelligent Planning approach to integrate and synchronize Supply Chain processes and enable real-time visibility into reliable data. With Board, Supply Chain professionals benefit from the following:

  • alignment between supply and demand
  • effective end-to-end planning
  • scenario-led planning to evaluate Supply Chain outcomes

Discover the power of Board Intelligent Supply Chain Planning.


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    Martin Daudey, Board Partner Manager, EyeOn

    Board team lead at EyeOn. Martin has over 20 years of experience in tactical planning solutions in life science, FMCG and high-tech industries with a passion for planning.

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    David Food, Head of Supply Chain, Board


    Dave has spent over 25 years working with supply chain solutions with time at a range of solution providers, normally at the strategic end of the product use and design, always looking to tell a story and make a difference.

    He has been providing future insight on Supply Chain strategy, systems and solution usage enabling Supply Chain Change and team process improvement. He is particularly interested in how companies can become disruptive through the leveraging of emerging technologies and approaches.