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Is the death of the disconnected spreadsheet for forecasting imminent?

On-demand webinar with FSN


The pandemic laid bare the profound limitations of spreadsheets for forecasting and scenario planning and FSN’s newly released research highlights that the market for CPM (Corporate Performance Management) software is set to double by the end of the decade.

So after 40 years of spreadsheet dominance for planning, budgeting and forecasting is the accountants’ favorite tool about to wither and die?

FSN’s research shows that forecasting is the most important application for investment until 2030 and there is heightened interest in scenario planning and predictive analytics. But smart finance professionals recognize that none of this is deliverable without the right building blocks in place.

So, if we are to displace spreadsheets, what sort of foundations are required? Can transformation laggards catch up with their competitors and how will planning, forecasting and reporting continue to evolve?

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