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BASF: Transforming Sales Planning & Forecasting with Board

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Sales leaders are facing another unpredictable year ahead. As they grapple with the challenges of the post-pandemic world, they must build bigger and better pipeline, close deals at an ever-quicker rate from increasingly demanding prospects.

BASF Agricultural Solutions, an operating division in one of the largest chemical companies in the world, has been embarking on a transformation of their sales volume planning & forecasting, aided by expert consultants celver, to enable sales teams to meet challenges better and be able to spend more time generating revenue for the business.

Watch our on-demand webinar with BASF and celver to find out:

  • How Board is transforming their sales planning & forecasting
  • The impact technology has had on the BASF sales team
  • How BASF are planning to meet the challenges of 2022
  • Why BASF chose Board to support their transformation 



  • BASF: Transforming Sales Planning & Forecasting with Board Image 1
    Stefan Storchmaier, Product Owner Sales Cloud Salesforce@AP, Global Commercial Excellence - Agricultural Solutions

    Globally responsible for all sales-driven processes and their implementation in the commercial excellence environment with the help of digital platforms like Salesforce and Board.

  • BASF: Transforming Sales Planning & Forecasting with Board Image 2
    Stephan Ultsch, Regional Project Lead Salesforce@AP, Regional Commercial Excellence - Agricultural Solutions EMEA

    The regional counterpart to the global product owners, driving a harmonized approach for all sales-driven processes for the region EMEA while representing regional specific requirements from individual countries or markets.

  • BASF: Transforming Sales Planning & Forecasting with Board Image 3
    Tim Laukat, Senior Consultant, celver

    With the technical and local requirements, challenges, and goals closely in mind, Tim supports clients as a Senior Consultant at celver in implementing and optimizing their results and forecasts with customized Board solutions.