Analyst Report

IDC Technology Spotlight: Retail Digital Transformation

Why Integrated Business Planning is the linchpin

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has highlighted, more than ever, the need for retailers to become more responsive and agile. According to this IDC Retail Insight, retailers that decide to adopt an integrated, enterprise-wide digital innovation strategy to create new business models, products, services, and customer experiences need a planning platform that leverages AI and advanced analytics.

In other words, they need a platform which empowers them to achieve an Integrated Business Planning approach that enables them to:

  • Align key business (financial, inventory, operations, marketing) and strategic (forecasts, mergers and acquisitions, new store openings, and marketplaces) goals
  • Drive retail business model innovation
  • Effectively manage the entire operations planning chain


Download the report to discover how, according to IDC's analysts, the Board platform helps companies to achieve the highest level of digital transformation maturity.