The Pioneering CFO: Spearheading Smarter Decision-Making

To succeed in their more strategic, business-focused role, CFOs must lead the organization-wide transformation of decision-making processes

Over the past 15 years, the CFO has been on a steady evolution from ‘keeper of the numbers’ to key business partner. However, not all finance professionals have kept up with the change, causing a split in many organizations between traditional transactional and operational parts of finance and the new, more business-focused teams. 

Bringing the finance team back together and preparing it for the future requires a concerted effort on behalf of the CFO to spearhead change beyond the walls of the department. This exclusive report, produced in collaboration with Raconteur, discusses how to:  

  • Make data the DNA of your organization 
  • Gain greater value from data through scenario modeling and analysis 
  • Collaborate with HR to optimize headcount investment for maximum ROI 
  • Use predictive analytics to drive future strategy