Intent Group Planning Tools Guide 2022

Practical advice on supply chain planning transformation with a focus on demand forecasting, S&OP, IBP, and information sharing

With ever-increasing demands being made of the supply chain function, planning transformation is essential. Seeking faster execution through a more agile and robust planning approach, many organizations are implementing next-generation supply chain planning solutions that can cope with the intensity of the modern planning environment.

Ease the process of selecting a supply chain planning tool by downloading this guide! Produced in conjunction with Intent Group, a unique community of 600+ supply chain professionals, it includes:

  1. Advice on implementation and best practice for embedding new planning process
  2. Suggestions on how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls
  3. Ideas to support your shortlisting process for a new planning tool
  4. Parallels with others and details of their next steps
  5. Feedback from users – what they say about their solution or implementation