Board solutions by Department

Board is helping leading organisations worldwide to make better business decisions through a unified approach to analysis, simulation, and planning. The Toolkit nature of the platform offers a level of customization that meets the needs of individual departments while offering the possibility to integrate department-based applications with enterprise-wide data and processes, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Whatever your department and whatever your needs, Board can help you to pull together all the information you need to make more efficient, effective decisions using intelligence from data sources across the business. Analyze and report on what’s already happened, simulate the effects of different strategies or micro/macro-environmental changes, plan your future activity, and control the process from the word go with comprehensive workflow management. All without the need for coding or help from the IT department, and without disconnecting yourself from the rest of the business.

Find out more about our departmental solutions for Finance, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, HR and Operations below.