BOARD solutions by departments

BOARD can help different departments across the entire organization to solve their varied business challenges. No matter if it’s Finance, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, HR or Operations: every department in a modern company knows best how to look at its key performance indicators and what to take into consideration when planning future activities.

BOARD offers any business unit or individual inside your company the tools to translate their expertise into data insights and to answer the questions they need answered. BOARD’s ease of use empowers users in different functions to create analyses or planning and budgeting workflows in a quick and easy way – without any coding and without the need to ask for help from the IT department.

BOARD brings closed loop decision-making in the Office of Finance.

BOARD allows Finance Teams to easily create unified analysis, planning, forecasting and simulation models, with minimal IT support.

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BI, CPM and Analytics for Sales department

BOARD offers all the functionalities needed to perform analysis, forecast and sales planning

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Taking the right marketing decision with BOARD

Taking the right marketing decision with BOARD

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Supply Chain
Supply Chain Planning & Analytics

Collaboration and partnerships in the constantly changing business world today is a necessity. Organizations can no longer compete solely as individual entities.

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Human Resources Planning and Analytics

To meet ever increasing business challenges, organizations need to maximize the potential of their workforce, while increasing efficiency.

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Plan IT investments, control costs and monitor service levels

In these times of increasing economic uncertainties and disruptive technological evolution, the IT Department needs to lead the digitalization process across the entire organization

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