Take Financial Planning and Analysis to the next level

Board’s FP&A software offers a transformational alternative, unifying data from across the business to create a single version of the truth for all analysis and planning activities

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The screen shows an example of Net Financial Position Analysis Application built with Board

Introducing the all-new Board Group Consolidation and Reporting

Simplify monthly cycles. Report confidently. Elevate financial insights.
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Manage all your financial planning, reporting, and analysis in one place

Board combines enterprise-wide financial planning, budgeting, and rolling forecasting with self-service analysis, dashboarding, and reporting – all on a single Intelligent Planning Platform.

Streamlined enterprise-wide budgeting, planning, and forecasting
Seamlessly integrated planning, simulation, and analysis
Data reliability and integrity
Finance and operations, fully integrated
Minimal manual data collection and reconciliation

Enhanced workflow and automation

Automatically collating the latest information from every department and integrating different planning phases, Board makes it easy to extend financial planning down to the smallest operational detail while always relying on a single version of the truth, eliminating longstanding data assembly and reworking activities.

Integrated workflow management enables you to quickly define planning steps and approval cycles, while a drag-and-drop interface empowers you to effortlessly customize the process to your organization’s needs, maintain good financial practices, and achieve a robust, efficient, collaborative FP&A operating model.

Scalability and geo-flexibility

Inherent multi-language and multi-currency support lets you bring applications closer to users around the world, while an Azure-hosted Cloud environment offers the scalability required to support enterprise-scale planning and analysis. With Azure present in 54 regions and 104 countries, you can easily preserve data residency, choose from a range of comprehensive compliance and resiliency options, and benefit from geo clustering to eliminate latency issues when there is a need for superfast performance worldwide.

Collaborative decision-making

Enhance collaboration across the FP&A processes by allowing people to work together on shared analysis while interacting in real time through embedded chat. Easily define virtual teams to discuss their findings, explore new insights, and make super-quick collaborative decisions based on a validated, up-to-date, holistic view of enterprise data.

All the financial planning and forecasting tools you need in a single platform

Make light work of delivering comprehensive financial plans through a financial planning software solution which supports the entire process, from traditional planning activities to more sophisticated driver-based planning and zero-based budgeting, thanks to its native data and business modeling capabilities.

  • Take an intelligent approach, connecting financial planning with strategic and operational planning

    Exploit platform data and business modeling capabilities, using a driver-based approach, allowing for full integration with strategic initiatives, operations processes, and key operational value drivers.

  • Coherently manage planning at different levels of corporate structure

    Take advantage of native business rule capabilities, driving planning activities at the single legal entity level, and the group level, leveraging different consolidation criteria and activities.

  • Effectively accomplish planning activities across any time horizon

    Exploit fully customizable calendar features, which enable automatic consolidation of financial planning documents.

  • Plan revenues and expenses with the utmost flexibility

    Accomplish revenue, expense, margin, and profit planning within the corporate P&L, following a top-down or bottom-up methodology.

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Image 2
The screen shows an example of Financial Forecasting Application built with Board
Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Image 3
The screen shows an example of Financial Debt Planning Application built with Board
  • Easily acknowledge capital requirements

    Fine-tune balance sheet planning, allowing for capital allocation across legal entities, consolidation perimeters, business units, and specific drivers relevant to the corporate business model.

  • Quickly identify financing needs

    Fine-tune balance sheet planning, allowing for capital structure target accomplishment, in terms of Net financial position projections.

  • Accurately understand the ability of the business to generate cash

    Conceive cash flow planning where all factors affecting cash position, such as P&L profitability, capex management, net working capital management, and financial management, are detected and properly represented

  • Gain clarity over your corporate value creation capabilities

    Generate projections relative to dedicated indicators such as ROCE and spread between net tax ROCE and cost of capital

  • Understand your corporate financial sustainability

    Calculate projections of dedicated indicators such as D/E, NFP/EBITDA, and EBIT/net interest, and easily calculate any other KPIs

Driving FP&A efficiency

Volkswagen Mexico’s Office of Finance reports that the tremendous improvement in processes, accuracy, and visibility of the finance strategy, combined with cost savings and improved accuracy of their planning data, has reaped an increase in efficiencies from 57% to 91% since Board was implemented.

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Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Image 6

Discover what best practice looks like and how to get there in this exclusive research paper produced with FP&A Trends.

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Complete the ultimate FP&A Maturity Assessment and learn how to take FP&A to the next level.

Complete the ultimate FP&A Maturity Assessment and learn how to take FP&A to the next level.

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