Public Transportation (K.PubTR) Integrated Business Platform.

This model collects, in a single platform, K.Group’s best practices for the effective and efficient management of analysis and planning processes within a Public Transport company context.

The K.Group model promotes an incremental and flexible path to becoming an Orange company. An Orange company is a people-centered organization that promotes breakthrough knowledge innovation and the collective sharing of data.

The platform was created to integrate the analysis and planning activities of the entire organization: management control, the investment committee, fleet management, HR, and purchasing. With it, each department can finally have a complete view of historical data, mileages, fleet, maintenance, purchase contracts, and staff productivity. Users can analyse the changes in the final balance from the latest version of the budget, identify new investments, and simulate the development of cost over time in order to make increasingly informed decisions.

The Management team can access a constantly updated summary of the business’ processes through a compelling dashboard, verifying the alignment between strategy and execution with respect to a long-term business plan.

Public Transportation (K.PubTR) Integrated Business Platform.

A solution by K.Group

The PubTR Integrated Business Platform provides a complete view of the key business processes: Performance Measurement, Corporate Performance Management tools, and best practices for decision-making, eliminating burdensome and dangerous Excel sheets in every task.

Data Integration

K.PubTR IBP acquires data from multiple data sources. The platform includes a normalization stage, useful for managing merge operations.

Complete Process and User Control

Information flows are tracked and include certification steps. Each user is appropriately profiled to their tasks.

Easy Access

Access from a PC using the Board client or directly via a browser on a PC, Smartphone, or tablet.

Flexible Modeling

The model can be easily adapted to the specific needs of end users, both at the data model and reporting levels.

Deep Analysis

Board's multidimensional architecture allows users to search and explore data from aggregated to detailed levels and vice versa.

Planning and Simulation

Each business function uses specific planning and forecasting processes and has the ability to save the results in scenarios in order to compare them as the inserted parameters change. The final outcome of the various planning processes flows into a MID TERM PLAN.


Key Features of the K.PubTR Integrated Business Platform


              Fast closing process

              P&L Planning and revision process

              5-year Mid Term Plan


              Monitoring of ongoing investments

              Workflow of new investment process (approval cycle, cost, and contribution flow)


              Historical data of the entire fleet

              Maintenance, mileage, and consumption for each vehicle

              Use of vehicles for each operating unit

              Fiscal bonus calculation for each serial number/company


              Consistency dashboard, cost, Full Time Equivalent

              Detail by serial number (postings, administered, carriers, roles, contracts, cost)

              Costs balancing (HR system vs Accounting)

              HR Planning and revision process


              Supply chain monitor flow (contract, purchase request, order, goods receipt, invoicing)

Purchase analysis (services, goods, spare parts)

Suppliers rating


              Showing the Group or individual company’s KPIs in the following perspectives:

  •    Market,
  •    Operations,
  •    Eco-Fin,
  •    HR



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