Planning and Management Control for Banks

Planning and Management Control in the banking industry involves complex integration of processes and measures such as analytical accounting, performance analysis, and risk management frameworks. All of these areas need to be viewed across multiple business dimensions (such as bank branches, business lines, and channel) and a CPM system is essential for governing this complexity.

Planning and Management Control for Banks

A solution by BIOS Management

With this application, banks are now equipped with a complete CPM system which covers multiple objectives.

MONTHLY CLOSING PROCESS Thanks to a completely customized workflow, multiple triggered processes can collect, normalize, and control a huge amount of data coming from actual processes on a daily and monthly basis. Those can be governed with extreme simplicity by the planning and control department.

MULTIDIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS With a fully parametric cost allocation framework the bank can obtain multiple views, using a full costing approach and enabling performance analysis across different business dimensions (branch P&L, commercial managers profitability, business line marginality).  

DATA PRESENTATION In order to create an appealing user experience, all data is presented in dashboards. Easy navigation, completeness of details, and synthetic KPIs are the key features of the banking dashboard, which is designed with end users in mind.

INTEGRATED PLANNING A complex planning model can merge ‘typical’ financial measures (funds, loans, interest rate, and maturity ladder) with risk-based measures (costs of risk, risk weighted indicators, and capital absorption). This all happens in a framework in which all parameters are editable and manageable by the planning department, enabling them to perform different scenario simulations and provide advanced analyses to support management decisions.

Please Note. : The data used in the screenshots are purely illustrative

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