Planning, Forecasting, and Reporting Platform for Not-for-Profits

The success of any not for profit organization (NFP) rests in its ability to identify, plan, and react quickly to any changes or foreseen changes in funding. In a world where information is available instantly and from anywhere, it has never been more important for NFPs to be able to quickly integrate all of their financial and operational  data and generate meaningful and accurate reports. At the same time, as your NFP managers become increasingly spread out and resource-constrained, it is crucial that you enable a quick, easy, and trusted way to collect and track data from the top all the way down to cost-centers and projects.

Planning, Forecasting, and Reporting Platform for Not-for-Profits

A solution by Corporate Renaissance Group

By using an all-in-one performance management and business intelligence platform such as Board, NFPs can manage commitments while also planning utilization and sustainability for the future.

As a Premier Board Partner with over 30 years of industry experience, CRGroup can help your organization facilitate planning for future projects while accurately reporting to donors and other key stakeholders. Using the tools available in Board, we can help your NFP better understand projects, business units, and fund usage in order to ensure transparency to donors and project funding sources. 

Using the industry-leading tools in Board, CRGroup can help to tackle the unique challenges faced by NFPs and enable:


  • Real-time tracking of income streams
  • Effective links between activities and outcomes/projects
  • Proper management of complex personnel calculation (union and non-union)
  • Detailed cost-allocation based on headcounts and other drivers
  • Customized workflows for unique project funding and funding transfers
  • Alerting managers for new project submissions
  • Easy-to-generate PDF reports for donors, trustees, and board members


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