HR Planning

Companies are facing an increasingly tough challenge when planning their workforce. While traditional controlling plans usually only focus on accounts and cost centers, HR departments and cost center managers need a much more detailed approach to manage their current and future workforce as well as the expenses related to each employee. An all-encompassing HR plan consists of many aspects: loading data from your HR source system, analyzing the actuals, planning the demand, automatically calculating personnel expenses, and simulating changes in workforce or monetary factors. All of these steps are included in the Celver HR Module. With this module, workforce planning is a workflow-controlled, easy to maintain process with a prebuilt set of calculations and forecasting methods, within a controlled and secure environment that features access control for both the data and the functionality.  

HR Planning

A solution by celver AG

Workforce Planning consists of four relevant, fully integrated parts that put you quickly up and runnin


  1. Dynamically set up your time horizon for different versions
  2. Import your data from text files or connect to your HR source
  3. Configure your accounts, salary types, taxes and benefits
  4. Centrally configure your salary increase rates

Workforce Demand Plan

  1. Plan your new hires
  2. Adjust your FTE for your workforce
  3. Manage transferrals, change basic parameters like union code, hirings, and exits
  4. Control your changes by using workflows

Personnel Expenses & Accruals

  1. Quickly precalculate your personnel expenses by using FTE and parameters as well as forecasting methods
  2. Adjust/Plan expenses for every employee if needed
  3. Automatically recalculate dependent accounts when changes have been made
  4. Plan costs by accounts for your whole cost center and allocate the changes to each employe


  1. Use dashboards and reports to quickly analyze your HR data
  2. Monitor deviations in FTE and Expenses
  3. Create your own reports in minutes
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