Module Liquidity Planning

Recognizing imminent and rapid liquidity shortages or reserves due to the actuality, quality and integration of all corporate areas is an indispensable management tool. By integrating the different business areas from sales to production/service to purchasing and accounting/treasury, coordinated cash planning can be achieved. In this way, shortages and surpluses can be identified and checked with the credit lines. Close control of the payment flows is ensured in daily trading.

Module Liquidity Planning

The Celver Module Liquidity Planning consists of four relevant, fully integrated parts that put you quickly up and running

Set up planning solution

  • Transfer of P&L into the structure of the liquidity plan
  • Load open item lists and order backlog
  • Maintain parameters for customers and vendors (DSO, DPO, cluster)
  • Set up strategies and tasks in dunning
  • Maintain VAT and other tax rates

Plan deposits and withdrawals

  • Deposits from accounts receivables including default risk and automatic pre-calculation based on contractual or calculated customer payment targets
  • Expected deposits from order backlog (invoicing) and automatic pre-calculation of incoming payments based on contractual or calculated customer payment targets
  • Transfer of P&L revenue into a payment plan using parameters and delimitation to open items and order backlog
  • Transfer of the cost of goods sold into a payment plan using parameters
  • Transfer of G&A costs (monthly via financial plan) into daily payment information.
  • Plan incoming and outgoing payments for investments and financing
  • Automatic calculation of VAT and input tax including tax deferrals

Plan lines of credit

  • Planning overdrafts
  • Planning additional loans and credit lines
  • Planning repayments and interest

Calculate cash reserve or shortfall

  • Merging the individual planning components to form a consolidated liquidity plan
    • Deposits
    • Withdrawals
    • Line of credit
  • Weekly determination of the cash reserve or shortfall for the coming weeks
  • Comparison to the last plan (previous week)
  • Further graphical visualizations

Workflow-controlled planning

  • Determination of those involved in planning while maintaining data security
  • Visual overview of the planning status via a workflow monitor
  • A Fast start to the next weekly planning round thanks to automatic data transfer from the previous week and data pre-calculations
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