BOARD pre-built applications

The BOARD offering is enriched by a suite of pre-built applications, which cover a set of key decision-making processes that are standardized across different industries and organizations. They allow you to quickly implement "out of the box" solutions that are fully integrated with your BOARD environment.

Free your financial planning from the constraints of Excel

BOARD FP&A is a turnkey solution that combines enterprise wide financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting with self-service analysis, reporting, dash-boarding and analytics – all on a single cutting edge platform.

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BOARD Financial Consolidation
Accurate group reporting, fast closing and complete financial control

BOARD FC enables companies to perform both legal and management consolidation within a single, integrated Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management environment providing a deep insight into financial and operational results.

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Unleash the hidden value of your customer database

Customer behavior over time is a key factor: it deserves to be carefully evaluated in order to build a deeper insight from the market.

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BOARD Lease Accounting
Meet IFRS 16 and ASC 842 lease accounting standards with ease

BOARD Lease Accounting takes care of data management, calculation, simulation, and reporting for easy regulatory compliance.

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